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SpawnBandwidth or DeathTrouserChinook6 Finger Salute!Beltane BonfireChoclate Easter SpiderDana and Ella Visit San RafaelRubber Chicken PornoFire Hydrant FountianLeslie Michel, Eye to ILong Lost 40's Baby Pictures I found under my Kitchen CounterBob on the Web Cam on New Years Eve...1 Eyed Kitten Cyclops winkingVito Paulekas and his peacocks in Cotati, CAClub 9 Loud Family ReunionThe Pink PartyLeslie Michel, in an Orange Towel, as a Surreal SeerCamino-Quicktime Redraw BugLayered Psychedelic Video of Leslie Michel's eyes and artJamming and Projections Link to a page with tons of little videos by Leslie Michel to seechicken, Riffles, and a webcamJose the Star on Another night at the Demolition Job...A surreal layered composition of me, Leslie Michel, Dancing in the LivingroomMichael Tekeli and Natalie Martel play together in our "Den of Iniquity"The RubberBandMan performs at a Penney's Store, while doing demolition. Totally Inspired.After the Bath Scrappy charms the crowds...Remarkable rap from a guy named Vito Paulekas- he gave Frank Zappa his first gig in LA. I decided to put some imagery with it...A fascination with conjoined twins: the soul and spirit they exhibit... a layered video visionSchwartz Cactus Nursery  in Bolinas, California movie linkTorch dancing psychedelic movie linkIt was such a great night for movie making... starring a butane lighter sound track by meA really powerful play on words I wrote after hearing dilemmas from 3 guy friends. dolly dear movie link Baby Goth's big screen test, and boy does she make the grade!the happy hours show- drinking dancing carrying on! so fun...sinister fence movie linkScrappy and his new Friendseptember 2004 Total lunar eclipse animationThe cute itty bitty kitties from LittleOne and Miss Juliette in a minimovie...Snuggles of LittleOne and his "foster son" Iggi on my real desktop