Static Digital Imagery

Static Digital Imagery Page 

This page is home to my static digitally created images. Many of them started with photographs (mine, or occasionally things I found on the internet). There are many that began with my drawings.

I love Photoshop; I've added great plug-ins from companies like Flaming Pear, Andromeda, Alien Skin, and some excellent effects from Harald Heim's Plugin Site... Corel Painter and Graphic Converter do unique things.

Computer art life is glorious with a Wacom tablet- I couldn't function without my Intuos 3 as "mouse of choice". I found a remarkable application called "Ultimate Pen" that uses the computer desktop like a sketchbook page. It's way fun to scribble all over the desktop, then save the image to open in Photoshop for further manipulation later.

Below are links to Gallery Pages featuring art that is "painted" with a computer. Me , Pixels, and meditative creative energy. Yay! No big mess to clean up in my studio afterwards either.

Be patient while these Galleries load, and know the pages look great full screen, or in a little window- however you like it!


Pixel Painting Gallery 1

Pixel Painting Gallery 2