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GIF animation is wonderful.

It is like traditional cell animation. They are assembled the same way, in layers, but electronically. This modern process is much more efficient than how I made my first 60 second animation years ago. That one I drew directly on washed-off 16mm movie film frames with a "000" sized rapidiograph. It took a long time!

The magical ability to have several of these animations interact with each other on a web page with DHTML offers more fun!

It is cool to have them layer each other, or have one replaced by another with the roll over of a mouse. There is much opportunity to use a GIF creatively, rather than as the obnoxious advertisements found all over the internet designed to get your attention to buy something.

My GIF animations are designed to be interesting, pretty, or FUN.
See them below, each will open in its own window, If the links act weird TURN OFF YOUR POP-UP BLOCKER...

Gray window interactive GIF animation orange Planet  interactive GIF animation Little Heater and Fire interactive GIF animation

Gray Window

 Planet Orange

the Little Heater

Blue night sky interactive GIF animation WildLife!  Unique Layered Photographic GIF animation that looks like you are 3 inches from a TV screen

True Blue


the Orange Page

Peeing in the Pool of Humanity GIF animation Tornado and Trailer Park interactive GIF animation

 Peeing in the Pool

What happens to a mobile home park during the storm????

Spirograph like Flower Power interactive GIF animation


Pink Pixel Heart Quilt interactive GIF animation

Flower Power


Pixel Quilt